Longbottom Is The New SEIL-T1 CEO

Long-time resident Engineer Theodore Longbottom gets the nod as the new CEO of SEIL-T1. This is first being announced here on the company’s website, and will soon circulate the information on the internet at large. Longbottom replaces long-time CEO Fred Carmicheal, who recently stepped down as CEO during his retirement ceremony held last month. Carmicheal is the founding CEO and will remain as a member of the Board of Directors of the company.

Longbottom, a graduate of the University of Brussels Engineering Department, began working as a Technician for SEIL-T1 in the early 80’s. Through the years, he slowly rose up the ranks as he became more and more involved in the company’s expansion efforts. His last post before being promoted to CEO was heading the Research and Development Department. He is responsible for a lot of the latest, state-of-the-art innovations coming out of that department.

The new CEO was formally seated in his new post and introduced to the board of Directors during the last board meeting held in October at the office headquarters. The board welcomes the appointment and gives its full support to the new CEO. This will hopefully translate into more profits for the company and lead to more growth in the near future. CNN covered the event announcing Longbottom’s succession as CEO of SEIL-T1.

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