One Month FREE Trial for New Accounts

SEIL-T1 is now offering a one month free trial to would-be clients who wish to try out our service before subscribing with us for the long haul. This promotion is part of the overall effort by the company to increase its client base and grow the business from there. The free trial is subject to a T1 line and a router configured to allow internet access to 20 users simultaneously using the service. This is made possible by the increased bandwidth of 1.5MBPS which is at least 5 times faster than the traditional modem-based subscription, which was maxed out at 3KBPS in most cases.

After the one month trial expires, the client has an option to continue the service on a full time basis, with a minimum subscription of 24 months, with no lockdown period. As an added incentive, the new client would also receive waived¬†Installation Fees, and the next 2 months at a promotional rate of 50% OFF. This is an awesome deal for any new subscribers to avail of, so if you’re thinking of upgrading your office internet connection, now is the best time to do it.

It’s really quite the best deal available in the market today. You cannot find a better deal elsewhere. But if you ask me, that is merely icing on the cake, as what you’ll be getting is the best quality service you will ever find, at a reasonable price. Add to that the excellent technical support you will be getting, and you have a win-win situation in the making. So don’t hold back, don’t delay, act today and get that subscription sent in.

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