SEIL-T1 Celebrates Christmas Early

The Seil-T1 team decided to celebrate Christmas early this year. Not only that, they decided to hold the Christmas program/party in an orphanage on Main St. – The Home for Abandoned Children as part of their community outreach service.

Theodore Longbottom, recently named as SEIL-T1 CEO, will lead the celebrations. Along with him will come the entire staff of the company, who will bring several boxes of new and some refurbished toys, old clothing, some food supplies, medicines and other needs which would benefit the orphans. “This is our way of giving back to the community,” says Longbottom, “We have always been a part of this close-knit community. We feel a close connection to the members of the community and this has shown in our tight relations with them in recent years.”

The SEIL-T1 team provided for most of the goodies which they brought to the orphanage, although some sponsors also decided to give their own contributions for the noble cause. The orphanage, which is run by nuns, is very fortunate to have such generous benefactors. This help, which is practically done every year, is what sustains the orphanage through such hard times.

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