Ready Your Car for that Summer Road Trip

Anyone loves a good summer road trip. Put together some friends or family, a few snacks, a great music playlist, and a good road map. Then hit the highway. Usually you pick the biggest car, or the one that has the most luxuries. If you are lucky, you have a friend with a four-door or a classic van with plenty of space. If you are very lucky, someone might have a convertible.

But before you hit the road, you might want to do a few things to get that car ready for summertime driving. Each season has different requirements, and summer is no different. Taking a few preparatory steps will save you a lot of trouble. Most importantly, it can keep you from sitting in the hot sun along a highway in the middle of nowhere waiting for a tow-truck.

Probably the most important thing is to make sure your oil has been checked and changed. If you are close to needing it and headed out for a long trip, stop by your regular maintenance shop and just go ahead and get it done. Fresh oil can help you get a little better mileage, and it can certainly help prevent any emergencies. A new filter never hurts either.

While you are there, make sure to have all your fluids checked and filled. Coolant is extremely important when cruising on hot asphalt. And if you aren’t lucky enough to have a convertible, you will want to make certain your air conditioning is fully charged.

Keeping your tires properly inflated and rotated is also very key to a trouble-free trip. A good mechanic can inspect them and make sure you aren’t going to have a blow-out any time soon. Proper inflation and timely rotation of your tires can help you keep on the road and reduce your gasoline bill. It also helps to maintain the overall health of your suspension and drive systems. Imbalanced or worn tires can lead to greater problems and larger repair bills. You always should have your spare tire checked before a trip as well.

You will definitely want to put together a little emergency kit, just in case. The items in the kit will vary depending on the weather and situation, but there are few of them you should probably have on hand in your trunk year round. Jumper cables, a flashlight, a paper atlas (you never know when you might loose your mobile service), blankets, energy bars, and a few bottles of water are great items to keep ready for any situation.

Another great thing to do before leaving is get a detailing job done. A good detailer will maker your interior pleasantly clean and fresh-smelling. They will make your exterior shine, which not only makes you look good on your trip, but also helps protect your vehicle from rust and weather-related wear. A good waxing protects your paint as much as it makes it look brand new. And if you are about to spend two weeks in your automobile, don’t you want it as nice as possible? However, always check that the valeter/detailer has a comprehensive motor trade insurance policy in place before using them – as it’ll give you protection against accidents and damage to your vehicle.

While summer road trips are often a really great time, they can turn into disaster quickly with an auto emergency. Having a good repair team and checking in with them before you head out can only help prevent any bad situations from happening. Proper, regular maintenance of your engine oil, your tires, and other car components, including its exterior, are all an important part of a great road trip in any season.

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