On Goldie Blox

On Goldie Blox And The Benefit Of The Doubt

The new commercial for Kickstarter darling Goldie Blox is making the rounds on social media, thanks in no small part to its parent-friendly reworking of the Beastie Boys’ song Girls. And… I’m not as impressed as everyone else seems to be. As the parent of two fairly gender stereotypical children — a baseball loving, monster truck obsessed boy and […]

online marketing

Top Online Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs

The days of pamphlets, TV and newspaper advertisements are over, and the age of hand-held has taken over the business environment. With E-commerce leading the change, entrepreneurs are looking to go the digital way. The Internet is the best example of a non-constrained global supermarket with million choices to pick. Browse through our list of […]


Seven Major Importance of Marketing

Marketing is the process of creating, delivering, communicating and exchanging offers that have value for the customers/clients. Marketing is not just about selling products, but understanding customer views about your products and other competitors as well. This article summarizes the importance of marketing for you. Voice of the customer: Marketing is a targeted approach. Understanding […]