Summer Road Trip

Ready Your Car for that Summer Road Trip

Anyone loves a good summer road trip. Put together some friends or family, a few snacks, a great music playlist, and a good road map. Then hit the highway. Usually you pick the biggest car, or the one that has the most luxuries. If you are lucky, you have a friend with a four-door or […]

SEIL-T1 Celebrates Christmas Early

The Seil-T1 team decided to celebrate Christmas early this year. Not only that, they decided to hold the Christmas program/party in an orphanage on Main St. – The Home for Abandoned Children as part of their community outreach service. Theodore Longbottom, recently named as SEIL-T1 CEO, will lead the celebrations. Along with him will come […]

Longbottom Is The New SEIL-T1 CEO

Long-time resident Engineer Theodore Longbottom gets the nod as the new CEO of SEIL-T1. This is first being announced here on the company’s website, and will soon circulate the information on the internet at large. Longbottom replaces long-time CEO Fred Carmicheal, who recently stepped down as CEO during his retirement ceremony held last month. Carmicheal […]

SEIL-T1 Gets Stamp of Approval

The Business Club of Upper Territories Just gave a huge boost to the SEIL-T1 company for producing excellent product and service to it’s clients. Being the newest client in the long list of subscribers, the Business Club of Upper Territories (BCUT) has recently acquired 20 T1 lines to cover their entire office area spread across […]

SEIL-T1 Passes Benchmark Test

SEIL-T1 has recently passed a benchmark test which was conducted on it’s latest line of products for the enterprise consumer market. The test was conducted by an independent firm of benchmark testers who are tasked to perform the test. The goal of this test to check on the reliability of the T1 device and to […]