Seven Major Importance of Marketing

Marketing is the process of creating, delivering, communicating and exchanging offers that have value for the customers/clients. Marketing is not just about selling products, but understanding customer views about your products and other competitors as well. This article summarizes the importance of marketing for you.


Voice of the customer:

Marketing is a targeted approach. Understanding your buyers is the key to business success. Most companies or organizations do extensive market research before they implement a strategy for marketing. A lot of the analysis is what the customer needs and what market share do the competitors have.

Getting the Word out:

Your products or services need to be marketed well to reach your intended audience. For the business to succeed, your product or services must be known to potential buyers. Without the idea of marketing, the customer will not know about the various business offerings. Marketing helps people understand your products and its USP.

Sales Impact:

A good marketing helps you achieve the sales targets. With more and more people getting to know about your products, the sales are bound to see a significant increase. The crucial part of the expansion of business is when the buyers themselves create new buyers by word of mouth or feedbacks. Professionals measure success using time vs. break-even calculations and units sold compared to forecast. Marketing’s celebration begins when all design costs are consumed, and the profit corridor is enabled.

Brand Name:

The brand name of a product also depends on the kind of marketing done by the company. Reputation depends on how to portray your product and its importance to the consumer. With a solid reputation, the business expands, and the need to reinvent is necessary.


Marketing also fosters a healthy environment for competition among different organizations. The success of the business is in the market share your products has among all other products in the same domain. The critical task of Marketing is to win over consumers. Healthy competition ensures a customer-centric system of business and moderates prices of different products. The various method deployed to gain more buyers is the significant part of Marketing.


Any products must evolve itself to the changing mindset of the customer. Consumer pulse is an essential part of Marketing; this helps in reinventing or innovating products to meet the expectation of the ever-volatile market. Innovation must be a product of intense market research and understanding of trends. An image makeover of a product and sometimes, expanding the target audience is also part of innovation.

Job Opportunities:

Marketing is a market in itself. With the Businesses looking for new and innovative methods to market them, the marketing arena has only grown in size and will continue to do so in the coming years. More and More people are choosing marketing as a career with excellent prospects and scope to innovate and strategize. Most companies now approach the Marketing experts for their business decisions. A healthy marketing function must have product knowledge, technical aptitude, and great interpersonal aptitude. Having the ability to change qualitative inputs into a deliverable which engineers and technologists can act upon is critical.